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Background information on the HAN Academy training course 'Basic Teaching Qualification'.


This LibGuide provides an overview of the digital content of the Basic Didactic Competency. (BDB) The LibGuide will guide you through the BDB information landscape. After reviewing the LibGuide, you will know or know your way around the most important resources. Good luck and have fun!

LibGuides are created by HAN's information specialists to gather and share knowledge about resources and to show how best to use them. The LibGuides are also used to support the lectures.

Are there sources missing or is a link not working? Send an e-mail to N. Hooijerink or J. Fröling.

This guide is under construction.


Publication date: September 18, 2023

Last supplement: September 18, 2023

This libguide is translated from the Dutch version using Deepl.


The LibGuide Basic Didactic Competencies consists of the following sections. Each part has a separate tab:

books: an overview of recommended books accompanying the Basic Didactic Competence training. 

► journals: an overview of the most important journals in the fields of educational design, educational testing, didactics and supervision. If there is a digital access for the journal, this is listed.

► organizations: an overview of (internal) national organizations in the field of didactics. These include governments, research institutes and industry organizations.

Databases: an overview of Dutch and English databases for higher education. A database is a collection of data or documents on a specific subject.

► HAN Study Centers: an overview of relevant information from the HAN Study Centers, such as databases, (APA) source citations, about e-learning modules and about information specialists who can provide more information about searching for literature and sources.

► Ask-a-BDB-coach: an overview of BDB coaches who can help you find the right information for your learning outcomes or questions about the BDB program.

Course: Assessment in Higher Education

At Risbo - Erasmus University, we have also developed an English-language BKE that we also provide for AMSIB (HvA), among others. We also have a MOOC linked to the BKE. Its materials may also be used by other institutions.

Visit the website for more information: