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IEEE referentiestijl: Krantenartikel


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IEEE Richtlijn

Richtlijn bronvermelding

[#] Article Author AA. "Title of article," Title of Newspaper: Section, pinclusive page numbers, Month Date, Year.


Krantenartikel op papier

[1] P. Williams, L. Forrestal, and J. Barret, "The rise of the robot miner," The Australian Financial Review, p. 6, Sept. 7, 2010.

[2] N. Perpitch, "Green groups battle to overturn gas plan," The Australian, p. 2, Sept. 7, 2010.

Krantenartikel op papier: Zonder auteur

[3] "Labor defends its $43b broadband network," The West Australian, p. 5, Aug.14, 2010.

Krantenartikel uit full text databank

[4] J. Riley, "Call for new look at skilled migrants," The Australian, p. 35, May 31, 2005. [Online]. Available: Factiva, [Accessed May 31, 2005].

Krantenartikel van internet

[5] C. Wilson-Clark, "Computers ranked as key literacy," The West Australian, para. 3, March 29, 2004. [Online]. Available: [Accessed Sept. 18, 2004].