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International Social Work year 2 - information skills: Lesson design and assignments

Lesson design


Information literacy quiz


Add the Studycentres website as a favorite to the bookmarks on your notebook.
Do the same for the LibGuide you are currently working in. Use this link:
And also, for the first year's LibGuide:

Formulate a search question at your topic that meets the following 4 requirements:

1. In the question form (How, what, which, ...?).
2. Complex question (Not directly answerable).
3. It must be researchable (feasible; time, resources)
4. Clarity about purpose of research (what to look for) 

Be aware of the three desired elements: target group, topic and process


After you formulated your search question, the next step is to fill the search diagram with the best synonyms you find. Remember that you can use this for later assignments: it will save time in the future. Please download the Word document: Search diagram.
For this assignment use and the thesaurus of APA PsycInfo database to find the synonyms. Another option is to look for the keywords given in articles related to your topic (even in APA PsycInfo, Google Scholar or HANQuest?).

After this, go straight to assignment 4 

Now is the time to create OR search strings with your keywords and synonyms.
Then do a search in HANQuest advanced, first with each search string separately. (Clear the search window after each search). 
Subsequently go to the search history and combine the individual results with AND.
How many results do you have now?
You can use the filters on the left side to further refine the results.
Which filters do you prefer here?