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Google and Google Scholar: Google Scholar

How to use google efficient

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is just like Google (Web) a search engine with the difference that only scientific, thus high quality, articles (magazines, books, reports, pdf-files, etc.) are found.

The search tips as mentioned at Google also apply to Google Scholar. In addition, there are a number of additional options, divided over the left menu and under each search result. Each item has a separate box with explanations and examples.

The direct link is:

The direct Dutch link is

Zie also  Google Scholar kennisclip.( in dutch)

Options search results

In addition to the clickable title, a search result offers various possibilities:

The names of the authors are in green. If a name is underlined, data of this author and other publications can be viewed by clicking on it.
 Cited by
The number indicates how often the article has been quoted, click on this option to see the titles.
Related articles
Click on this option to find other articles on this topic.
All versions
This option indicates in how many and which websites and databases this article can be found.
- Citing
Click on the double quotes and a window will open showing how this article is listed in a source list according to MLA, APA or ISO 690. Make sure there is no information about the location, for example a link or DOI, and always check if the reference is correct.
  - Save
Click on the asterisk and save the data in My Library (see below Left menu: My Library).
 HAN Linker
To the far right is indicated how access can be gained. Sometimes this is via a link to a free accessible document or Google Books. When there is nothing there, it is possible that the article is only accessible after login or access through the own library. Within the HAN University of Applied Sciences this is indicated by HAN Linker.
Outside school this option can be added manually:

1 Go to and click on the three horizontal dashes in the top left corner
2 Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu
3 Choose from the Library links menu on the left and fill in 'han'
4 Tick the box University of Applied Sciences Arnhem and Nijmegen - HAN Linker 

Click on the link below to see an animation.

Left menu: My Library

Google Scholar offers the possibility to store the data of found articles online in My Library. This is linked to an email address. Via the option Save (symbolized by an asterisk) under a search result, the found title can be saved.

Left menu: Any Time

The option Any Time allows you to specify how old the information may be. Please note that the date of publication is not the date on which the document was put online but the year of publication.

Left menu: Sort by date

The search results are sorted by relevance. The option Sort by date only shows results from the past year.

Left menu: Patents and citations

The options patents and citations are ticked by default but are only interesting for those looking for information on inventions or literature references. When starting a search, it is best to uncheck these options. Unless you need to find patents.

Left menu: Create an alert

A handy option for those who are doing long-term research: via the option Create alert it is possible to receive an e-mail from Google Scholar as soon as a new document matching the search has been placed. This option is located below the icon of the three horizontal lines.

Narrow down search results: Word in title

When for a keyword intitle: (fixed to the keyword) is added, only search results will be shown with this word in the title.

Example Find information about autism, not adults, pages in Dutch, patents and citations unchecked.







This search option also works in Google.

Narrow down search results: Author

When for an author name author: (fixed to the keyword) is added, only search results written by this author will be shown. Without this addition, results will also be shown in which the author is mentioned, for example in a bibliography.

Example Find publications of F. C. Verhulst, pages in Dutch, patents and citations unchecked.