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Full text search: Full text-articles


​Many research reports and articles can be found in full text. In this LibGuide you can see what you can do to get to this full text. 

We recommend that you make as much use as possible of the facilities that HAN has to offer you as a student or employee in your search for high-quality, scientific information. Work via Eduroam or Workspace, for example. Information about this can be found here

Tools such as the Library Access web browser extension are also available to make it easy for you. 

If you don't succeed in doing so, there are a few external resources you can use. Information about this can be found here. 

If you can't find it, always contact the information specialist of your study programme. He or she can often help you further. 

What are full text articles?

A full text article gives access to the full content of an article.

Increasingly, full text articles can be read directly via the internet. Some are free and freely accessible, others can only be consulted after you have logged in.

If an article is not available in full text via the internet, you can often read (or retrieve) it in full in a library or if you have a subscription.