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On this page you can find information on how to find scientific articles using databases.


On this page you can find all the information you need to start a literature search. This libguide is aimed towards students of the academy 'applied biosciences and chemistry'. This includes the following courses:

  • Bio-informatics
  • Biology and medical laboratory research
  • Chemistry
  • Life sciences
  • Master molecular life sciences

Below you can find several libguides (information pages) about finding literature. Please note that some of the pages are only available in Dutch at the moment. The language of the libguide is indicated with (NL) or (EN). 

Libguides databases

Click the titles to access the database libguides.

Cochrane (NL)

Medical database with a focus on systematic reviews. Click HERE to access the search page.

Embase (NL)

Broad database used for medical subjects and medicines. Click HERE to access the database.

PubMed (EN)

Widely used database focused on medical subjects. Click HERE to access the database. 

Reaxys (EN)

Chemical database with a wide variety of search options. Click HERE to access the database.

Libguides of other institutions

Other libguides

Reference Managers

Search engines

Finding the full text of an article

APA guidelines

Citing sources with APA

It is common to use the APA citation method within the HAN to cite your sources. To access the information page about the APA-citation style CLICK HERE

For questions on how to format a difficult reference according to the APA guidelines you can use the following mail address. Note that we do not check full reference lists.