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International Social Work year 1 - searching and finding reliable literature: 3. Find

Databases for Social Work students

The website of the HAN study centres ( gives you, as a HAN student, access to a wide range of databases where you can find reliable, scientific literature. Many of these databases can be searched directly in the HANQuest search engine (see green table below).

However, a small number of databases are not included by HANQuest, so you will need to search them separately. One example is the Nexis Uni database where you can search English-language newspapers (e.g. for keeping abreast of what is happening in society). You can learn how to use this database under the Nexis Uni tab.

If you want a complete overview of important websites and databases in the field of social work, go to the option 'databases' on the homepage of the Study centre's website and enter the word: ISW.

No results in HANQuest for:

HANQuest does not search the following databases:
- Nexis Uni
- Web of Science
- Embase 
- Boomportaal

HANQuest does not search websites

Please be aware that HANQuest does not search websites.
This means that websites of oganizations with a lot of valuable information should be searched seperately.

Databases that HANQuest searches