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International Social Work year 1 - searching and finding reliable literature: 7. E-books

E-books (from required book list)

In the study centre you’ll find all the books you are required to purchase: in the books for loan collection on the first floor and reference copies on the second floor. If the publisher also offers the book in an online format - as an e-book - we will also purchase it.

Some publishers have a limited number of user licenses: if there are only 3 user licenses and so only 3 users can access the publication at the same time and you’re number 4, you will have to wait. Do you want to know which books from your required book list are offered as e-books? Look below:


Brown, S. L., & Vaughan, C. C. (2010). Play: How it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul. Avery.
Bekijk dit boek online

Lewrick, M., Link, P., & Leifer, L. (2020). The Design Thinking Toolbox: A guide to mastering the most popular and valuable innovation methods.Wiley.
Bekijk dit boek online

Tjin A Djie, K., & Zwaan, I. (2021). Protective wraps: Transcultural aid for families. Koninklijke Van Gorcum.
Bekijk dit boek online

Wolf, J. (2021). Pathways to Empowerment: Methodically working on participation and self-direction. Uitgeverij Coutinho.
Bekijk dit boek online


Where to find your Social Work e-books

Search engine HANQuest searches databases like SpringerLink on keyword-level. But it's also possibly to read e-books as a whole, so the entire e-book. If you wish to do so, go to 'databases', fill in 'SpringerLink' and browse by the discipline 'Social Sciences'. Next step is subdiscipline 'Social Work' and finally you select content-type 'book'. This is just one example of many: the HAN Study Centres offer you many more databases where you can find and read e-books as a fulltext publication.