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International Social Work year 1 - searching and finding reliable literature: Website -Google Scholar

Website (click on the image for direct access)

Can you find everything with Google?

No, you cannot find everything with Google...... A lot, but not all will be reliable or at bachelor level. From now on it is better if you only use Google for a first orientation. When you start looking for more in-depth and reliable literature, switch to Google Scholar (public scientific publications) and HANQuest. HANQuest is a search engine you can find on the website of the studycentres. It gives you access to paid databases that contain literature Google will not find for you. Go to and discover all that reliable literature and much more.

LibGuide full text search

What makes the website important?

  • The catalog (where you’ll find the books you want to borrow)

  • Search engine HANQuest (where you search databases)

  • copyright (here you can find everything about copyright and source referencing)

  • E-books (many online versions of textbooks in - for example - SpringerLink)

  • Contact with your information specialist or the studycentres

Website HAN Study Centers (e-learning clip)