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International Social Work year 1 - searching and finding reliable literature: Introduction & learning objectives

Handout 2023-24

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Searching and finding reliable literature is an important part of developing your research skills.
These skills run like a thread through your four-year bachelor degree at a university of applied sciences.
Knowing how to search, where to look and how to use the resources you find: it's all part of your learning process in becoming a reliable professional.
In this LibGuide you will find the basics for good literature research. You'll have access to scientific literature, learn how to search effectively using
search engines and databases, and how to structure the search process.

This is what you learn

Learning objectives Tab
1. you discover the value of the website HAN studiecentra website
2. you learn effective search strategies and how to structure your literature research search
3. you explore reliable databases and search engines find
4. you learn about copyright and referencing according to APA guidelines processing en referencing: APA

6 steps to Information Literacy

 step 1 Orientation Orientation in: HANQuest / Google / Google Scholar / Nexis Uni
  step 2 Searching Search query / Search terms / Search strategies 
  step 3 Finding

Search actions in sources

 step 4 Assessing Assess on reliability
  step 5 Referencing

Processing and referencing with APA-Guidelines

  step 6 Evaluating Evaluate / Is it good enough


E-learning clip information literacy